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Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows


Curated beauty experiences tailored for you.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Elegant Eyes

Achieve the perfect gaze with shaping, tinting, and lash services. Frame and enhance your eyes beautifully.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Perm & Tint

Revitalize your lashes with our lift/perm and tint services. Add curl and depth for a captivating look.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Lamination & Shape

Create an instantly full, shiny set of eyebrows. Perfect for anyone struggling with sparse or uneven brows.

Explore Our Full Range of Beauty Treatments

Discover the full spectrum of beauty and brow services at Elegant Beauty and Brows.

From lash extensions that add volume and drama to your eyes, to comprehensive eyebrow threading and tweezing that ensure every hair is perfectly placed, our salon is equipped to handle all your beauty needs.

Our packages are thoughtfully designed to suit any occasion, whether you’re preparing for a special event or simply treating yourself to a day of indulgence.

Enhance Your Beauty with Our Expert Eyebrow Services

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Enhance your facial features with our specialised brow services. A tailored approach that truly elevates your beauty.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Boost your allure with our specialized lash services. Attain lush lashes that highlight your eyes beautifully.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

All of our threading services are available as walk-ins. No booking is required. Visit one of our salons today.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Experience our gentle and effective waxing services. We offer smooth and long-lasting results for all skin types.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows
Facials & Massage

Indulge in our luxurious facials and massage packages for a revitalizing experience. 

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Enhance your beauty with our natural henna designs. Perfect for special occasions or simply to express yourself.

Waxing and Tinting Services at Elegant Beauty and Brows

Achieve smooth skin with our gentle waxing techniques and enhance your natural features with our tinting services.

Whether you’re looking to refine the shape of your brows with precise waxing or enhance the color of your lashes and brows with our tint services, our expert beauticians are here to ensure you leave feeling confident and elegant.

Flutter, Flirt, and Shine with Our Lash Extensions.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Transform Your Brows with Our Signature Facials and Brow Lamination

At Elegant Beauty and Brows, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of services that cater to enhancing your natural beauty.

From expert brow lamination that shapes and defines your eyebrows to our signature facials that rejuvenate and pamper your skin, our team is dedicated to providing top-notch beauty services.

Experience the luxury of our pamper packages, designed to relax and refresh you from head to toe, including tailored facials that address specific skin concerns for radiant results.

Brow Tinting

Our brow tint service is ideal for those looking to add depth and dimension to their brows. Perfect for individuals with sparse brows or those looking to achieve a more pronounced brow look without daily makeup. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Elegant Henna Brow $50

(eyebrow shape + henna brow tint)

This service combines eyebrow shaping with a henna brow tint, resulting in fuller and well-defined brows that suit your face shape and complexion.

Brow Waxing & Shaping

Experience our signature brow waxing service to remove unwanted hair and sculpt your brows into the perfect shape. Our approach ensures minimal discomfort while maximizing results, ideal for your first appointment or maintaining your look.

Elegant Henna Eyes $70

(eyebrows shaped + henna brow tint & lash tint) 

Our Elegant Henna Eyes service includes eyebrow shaping, henna brow tint, and a lash tint. Get an eye-catching makeover with this all-in-one treatment. 

Brow Lamination

For those desiring fuller, more defined brows, brow lamination is the perfect choice. This treatment realigns your brow hair, creating volume and fullness while keeping them in your desired shape.

Lamination, Shape, and Tint Package $100

For the ultimate brow makeover, opt for our lamination, shape, and tint package. This service includes the benefits of brow lamination, precise shaping, and a customised tint to enhance your natural brow colour. It offers a beautifully defined look with minimal maintenance.

Transform Your Brows with Expert Threading

Experience the precision and artistry of our eyebrow threading specialists. Achieve perfectly shaped and defined brows that enhance your natural beauty.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows
Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Our Customers Love Us!

“Shivali at Elegant Brows is amazing!!! Very genuine, skilled, professional, pays attention to detail, and provides a fantastic client service! I have gone to Shivali for eyebrows, eyelashes for a while now and can’t wait to provide a further review on the skincare she has recommended. I have every confidence in her service! Thank you Shivali x”
– Nicci H.

“I love having my brows done at Elegant beauty and brows Robina they are amazing. I am always happy with shape and service. Also the brow powder Christian Faye product is the best I have used.”
– Leonie H.

“Dheeraj did an exceptional job on my brows… she literally was able to shape them and give me an eye lift! She’s a true professional, I’m so grateful thank you! The effect was better than Botox!!!”
– Liza B.

“The staff here are absolutely wonderful and friendly. I’ve had my eyebrows done here 10 times now because they thread them perfectly. Highly recommended!”
– Hanna X.

“For the last 5 years I’ve been going to Grace and Threading in Harbourtown. Now that I’ve moved to the Robina area I had to find a new place to get my eyebrows done and Elegant Beauty did not disappoint! Will definitely continue to come back.”
– Natasha R.

“Went in for a full face threading for the first time usually done waxing
Reason was because my makeup never seems to set and always cracking and cakey
Guess what ladies the key to good flawless make up is ur skin prep
I was absolutely taken back as to how smooth and flawless my skin turned out
Beautician name was tulsi”
– Shanice G.

“Walked in and received great service from Nav. Quick efficient waxing. Unsure about trying threading and henna for brows for first time – had lots of questions – Nav was very patient and explained options clearly. Beautifully clean salon and friendly professional service. Highly recommend”
– Elyana S.

Transform Your Beauty Experience Today

Discover our expert beauty services and achieve the stunning look you desire.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

FAQs about Our Brow & Beauty Services

How often should I get my eyebrows waxed?

To maintain perfect brows, we recommend scheduling an appointment every 3-4 weeks, depending on your hair growth cycle.

Is brow tinting suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our brow tint formulations are designed with sensitive skin in mind, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

What is brow lamination?

Brow lamination is a process that involves restructuring the brow hairs to keep them in your desired shape for up to six weeks, giving the appearance of thicker, more defined brows.

Can I wear makeup after my appointment?

We recommend waiting at least 24 hours before applying makeup to the treated area to allow your skin to settle and heal properly.

What can I expect during my first brow appointment?

During your first appointment, our expert brow artists will consult with you to understand your brow goals, evaluate your hair growth and skin type, and recommend the best treatment plan for you.

Where can I find the best Eyebrow Feathering Gold Coast?

Our Gold Coast salons are renowned for offering some of the best eyebrow services. Our expert stylists specialize in creating natural, fuller brows that enhance your facial features.

We have locations at Nerang, Helensvale and Robina that provide the best cosmetic brows Gold Coast.
Whether you prefer a subtle arch or a bold definition, our experts can provide the best eyebrow shaping tailored to your preference.
Get the best eyebrows Gold Coast beauty salons can offer at Elegant Beauty & Brows.

Where can I get Natural Brows Sunshine Coast?

Our Sunshine Coast salon in Noosa is your one-stop destination for all Brows & Beauty needs, including services that emphasize Natural Brows.

We offer a range of services including eyebrow shaping, tinting, facials, and eyelash extensions. We specialize in creating natural brows, where our experts use precise techniques to enhance and maintain your natural brow line for a soft, organic look.

What are the benefits of Elegant Eyebrows Robina's brow lamination service?

Brow lamination at Elegant Eyebrows Robina offers a solution for every brow concern, helping to achieve volume and a sleek look. This service is ideal for those looking to enhance their natural elegance with long-lasting results.

How can lash extensions enhance my overall facial features?

At Elegant Beauty and Brows, our lash extensions are meticulously applied to complement your eye shape and facial symmetry, boosting your lashes’ volume and length for a striking, beautiful look.

Can you explain the difference between eyelash extensions and lash tinting at Elegant Beauty?

Eyelash extensions provide fullness and dramatic length, while lash tinting at Elegant Beauty darkens your natural lashes, giving a more subtle enhancement perfect for everyday elegance.

What skin treatments are available at Elegant Beauty and Brows?

We offer a range of skin treatments designed to suit every skin type, including signature facials and pamper packages that relax and rejuvenate, ensuring your skin looks and feels its best.

How does Elegant Beauty and Brows ensure precision in their services?

Precision is at the core of all our services at Elegant Beauty and Brows. From eyebrow threading to the detailed application of lash extensions, each service is executed with meticulous attention to detail to enhance your natural beauty.

What makes the brow services at Elegant Beauty unique?

Our brow services at Elegant Beauty are not just about shaping and tinting; they involve a detailed analysis of your facial structure to ensure that each treatment, from tweezing to brow lamination, complements and enhances your natural features.

What type of henna services does Elegant Beauty and Brows offer?

Our henna services include traditional designs and innovative patterns that suit any occasion. We use high-quality henna to ensure beautiful, lasting results that truly express your personal style.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows

Transforming Beauty Woes into Wins.

One of the main pain points in beauty care is a lack of personalized treatment.

Endless beauty trials, disappointing results. You’ve tried over-the-counter lash serums, messy at-home brow tints, and even DIY henna tattoos. Yet, your lashes remain stubbornly unimpressive, your brows lack definition, and your henna design faded far too soon.

Unveiling our expert beauty services. Our skilled technicians use professional-grade products and techniques to deliver exceptional results. From enhancing your lashes and brows to providing long-lasting henna art and revitalizing facials, we transform your beauty frustrations into fabulous features you’ll be proud to show off.

Why Choose Us for Your Eyebrow Shaping Needs

At Elegant Beauty and Brows, we’re not just a salon; we’re your ultimate destination for achieving perfect brows. Our expert brow artists specialize in a variety of services to meet your unique needs, from brow tinting and brow waxing to brow lamination. Whether you’re looking for a defined brow that frames your face or you’re interested in our exclusive eyebrow wax services, we’ve got you covered.

Our salon stands out because we understand the importance of eyebrow shaping. Each appointment is tailored to your individual features, ensuring that your brows complement your natural beauty. With tint and waxing services designed to enhance your brows’ natural shape and color, and tweezing for those final precise touches, we promise a transformation that leaves you with the perfect brows you’ve always wanted.

Get Your Elegant Eyebrows Today | Elegant Beauty & Brows